Article Writing and Submission – A Smarter Way to Market

The seemingly inexorable rise of the internet has been arguably the single greatest change of modern times in the way businesses reach out to their customers and market themselves and their products.  The global economic crisis has, over the last four or five years, provided a challenging backdrop to many firms’ growth and development plans.  However many economists would argue that it’s precisely because of this challenging context that marketing, and the need to squeeze the maximum benefit from the marketing budget, has assumed a key role in growing your business and gaining a comparative advantage for your company by maximising its exposure to existing and potential customers.

In order to achieve maximum impact, your website should clearly appear as close to the top of the search engine rankings as possible. It’s hard to overstate the value which is conferred by a top three placed site for the most popular search terms in your sector, while sites which fail to appear on the first page will inevitably find themselves at a significant comparative disadvantage. 

One of the most cost-effective ways to direct high rates of traffic to your website, and consequently to achieve a high ranking with the most popular search engines, involves the submission of a series of relevant, well-written and tightly focussed articles to a number of the top Article Directories.  Of course, not all article directories are equally effective.  Choosing the best directories for article submission can make the difference between success and failure.  Then there’s the articles themselves.  Strategic use of key words and phrases and links within the documents, coupled with content which is well-written, informative and scrupulously original, is vital to ensure maximum impact. 

Not surprisingly, this area has emerged as a specialist marketing discipline in its own right and many firms choose to engage the services of knowledgeable service providers who have the knowledge and skills to provide the high standard of content writing and submission service required to ensure success. 

Creating a network of articles in this way is a tried and proven technique in Search Engine Optimisation – essentially the art of promoting your website to the top of the list – but there’s an additional advantage in that the content itself, if it’s done well, will promote your company and its products and will continue to act as an enduring marketing tool which will continue to promote your firm’s goods and services and attract business in its own right.